Is this a bad time to mention that during the 2015 Primary Election, it looks like Ken Miller was being sued by a Mennonite for non-payment (3-10-2015) for the amount of $2697.76. Wait, that's not the only one! He was also being sued by what looks to be an Amish family for $4773.74 on 4/20/2015. This totals almost $7500! I surmise its no wonder why Ken Miller didn't spend any money on his own campaign.

One would have to wonder, when a person can't pay his bills, to the point where he is sticking it to Amish/Mennonite families, could there possibly be temptation to skim from the township, or from contractors working for the township and maybe take a tank or two of fuel in his pickup from the Roads Department fuel tank? You bet. Is this a person that should be in charge of a $2,500,000 Township budget? Only if you don't care about your tax money. As usual, I attach the documentation.

Miller vs Martin

Miller vs Stolzfus

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