Things never change in West Vincent Township with Ken Miller at the helm.

Illegal Bids, Voided contracts and yet the contractor continues to work without bidding on a new contract, no Performance Bonds, low Performance Bonds, switched Performance Bonds.

From 2003, an article points out that, “...the supervisors voted to reject all bids from contractors to perform work on a farmhouse attached to the new township building. The bids, which the township began accepting Dec. 17, had to be rejected because the township forgot to advertise them, said Miller.”  http://www.dailylocal.com/article/DL/20031224/TMP01/312249982

This had to be a inside deal. Why do I say that? If the bids weren't advertised, how did the contractors know about the work? Somebody had to “tip them off”. My guess is that a sharp resident caught this Ken Miller Flim-Flam.

Of course the Miller supporters will say, "ignore the back up documentation, it's just another unsupported lie from Chickenman."

Decades of disservice to the residents. How do you stop it? Vote Mike Schneider on November 3, 2015. Or continue to get fleeced. It's your choice.

Best wishes


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