As usual, anyone that does not support the actions of Ken Miller are vilified. When the Ken Miller regime sold the historic Birchrun Schoolhouse (but first changed the zoning to allow commercial development), nobody was aware of what lay in store. That is, until the developer started presenting his plans. People were upset. They never thought the Township would do this to a place that everyone thought would stay stopped in time. 

Then Historic Birchrunville Neighbors Association stepped in, raised $70,000 for legal fees, and eventually won the case. But the cost and time expended never should have happened. The property should have been deed restricted. Ken Miller and his fellow Supervisors Zoe Perkins and Clare Quinn always led people in the township to believe they were pro-protection. The fact is, they were not, yet Ken Miller is pushing his propaganda again as he runs for 5th term as Supervisor.

Now the HBNA are again in the cross hairs during the election. I found this response on their website. Please read it: http://www.historicbirchrunville.org/news/hbna-officers-answer-accusations/

I wrote about it at the time, with supporting documents, as usual: 22 December 2012, 1 January 2013, 16 October 2013 and 26 March, 2014

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