I have to make a correction. A copy of a letter was forwarded to me pertaining to a post I made on 22 October, 2015. I posted a copy of some minutes listing Mr. Miller as blocking a trail. As it turns out, it seems it was another Miller that blocked the trail, not the Supervisor Ken Miller who stated “I think the whole trail system is a stupid idea.......” in the Daily Local News (http://www.dailylocal.com/article/DL/20031224/TMP01/312249982).

While I cannot confirm the legitimacy of the letter and cannot find it on the internet (I wonder how it was found so quickly?), I will take it a face value and sincerely apologize for representing Mr Joseph Miller as Mr Ken Miller. I would also like to state that this is a perfect example of why sloppy minutes can skew history or impressions. The Administration has been fighting for years to make the minutes LESS complete instead of more complete. The information I was working with was a document (minutes) generated by West Vincent Township. What if this letter could not be found? Accuracy means everything and this is a perfect example. This also does not negate or void all of the other points of the email, it was a simple mistake and not a lie, as some claim. To be a lie I would need to have known the information was false, which I did not. Again, I apologize for confusing the name Mr Miller with Mr Miller.

Click here to see the letter.

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