Supervisor candidate Ken Miller brags about how he is all about the trail system, a trail system that he claims he has embraced. A trail system that the township has been working on for DECADES that is many miles long without maps, that only a handful of equestrians have any knowledge of and have never disclosed to the public. It is really a private playground for those that are "in the know" to the locations. A trail system that is a mystery to the average resident.

The fact is Ken Miller couldn't care any less about the trail system and was quoted saying, "I think the whole trail system is a stupid idea.......”. He merely uses it as a political chip to get people to vote for him and tells them something completely different. As usual, here is the proof: http://www.dailylocal.com/article/DL/20031224/TMP01/312249982

How about this from the 1998 West Vincent township minutes (http://www.seedship.com/chesco/westvinc/1998/80105eac.html) where Ken Miller intentionally blocked a trail on his property because he didn't want people coming across his property?

And never forget that Ken Miller's personal attorney and developer in West Vincent Township Steven V Siana who intentionally blocked trails on his property:


Actions speak louder than words and Miller's actions once again say he isn't telling the truth even while he campaigns!

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