A quick note in between newsletters re West Vincent Voices, for those of you interested in local politics as opposed to simple facts. I am told that there have been some recent attacks on me - saying such things as 'everything chickenman says is a lie' - on West Vincent Voices, and there have been some quite spirited defenses on my behalf pointing out that this sort of statement is actually some distance away from the truth.

It seems that the organizers of WVV, who are self proclaimed Miller supporters, do not like oppositions to Mr Miller, so they have now banned any "vitriolic, inflammatory, or defamatory" posts, especially from people who do not live in West Vincent. Well I neither live nor work in West Vincent, so I guess that would include me, if I subscribed to this site.  But they have not only banned new posts and some people but they have also censored all existing posts that they don't like.

This is exactly how life is in West Vincent under Chairman supervisor Ken Miller.  If you don't agree, you are suppressed. Of course, if you have said nothing to disagree with Ken Miller, you may not have noticed.  But it's why I remain anonymous. Even though I am not within easy reach, I am worried about long tentacles.

There have been attempts to vilify David Monteith, suggesting he is me, with posted signs and painting on his driveway, there was a post about this on WVV with many comments. The whole post, and the many comments, have now been removed.  I myself was particularly interested in a comment by Kate Larson Farnham who suggested that if I (CM) don't reveal who I am then it's OK to beat up on David in my place.  That seems to me to be an endorsement of blackmail.  And that came from one of the seemingly more moderate middle of the road people on the page.

I have checked with David.  He tells me that he himself has now been banned from the site, and all the posts he has ever made, however innocuous, have now been removed.  David was the subject of this campaign, not the instigator, and he has been banned!  Roll on Stalin and Russia at it's worst.

However, further inquiries have revealed that copies of these pages were saved.  So here they are at the bottom of this post.  These are some of the pages WVV doesn't want you to see.  Including Kate's comment, referred to above.  There is a lot I haven't shown you but there is still a lot of reading...........................

http://chestercountyramblings.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/chestercountyramblings have also commented on this.

Best wishes


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