As the General Election approaches, it thought it would be a good time to show Ken Miller's latest Campaign Finance Report. It is actually “The Committee to Re-Elect Ken Miller”, Kerry Burnley Chairperson; Supervisor David Brown Treasurer (Brown Donated $500). This way, everyone can see who is donating and how things are going in general.   www.millers2015campaignreport.blogspot.com  I note that I did not write the comments on this 'blogspot' although I do not disagree with them!

The part I find most humorous is that Ken Miller, the candidate that has, over the last two decades, allowed tens of thousands of dollars of tax liens accumulate, tens of thousands of dollars for his property taxes, plus unpaid bills and judgments totaling over one-hundred thousand dollars. He has at times somewhat paid them down but they always re-accumulate, larger than ever before. It's like a shell game to him, quite a bit like he runs the Township of West Vincent.

Why do I find it humorous? Because Ken Miller won't even donate to his own campaign. Not one donation. He expects others to carry him. I have always said that something has the value of what you will pay for it and Ken Miller is demonstrating how much he is willing to invest in himself. He paid for goods and services for which he EXPECTS TO BE COMPENSATED! Look on the pages that are titled “Statement of Unpaid Debts”. Ken Miller wants to be reimbursed almost $1000. What does that say about candidate Ken Miller? It says that he is bought....and paid for.

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