I wonder if everyone has realized that there is a HUGE amount of cash resting on Ken Miller retaining his supervisor's position. 

First there is his supervisor salary, $1,875 year, $12,250 for his 6 year period.  Pretty nominal really.

Then we have his Roadmaster salary, $50,000 per year including benefits for a part time job.  Total for Roadmaster $300,000 for a part time job with minimal time involvement, for the 6 years.

On top of that we have unknown benefits.  Favors made, favors repaid.  Your guess is as good as mine.  My guess is that the benefits are substantial.  But there is a good chance that if Ken ceases to be a Supervisor then his continued position as Roadmaster might be in question.

Certainly some of the Miller supporters have much to gain, or lose.  If Ken Miller ceases to be Supervisor Chairman then Steve Siana's huge fees might be in question also.  The last time I examined in detail, West Vincent's legal fees were up to 5 times as much per head as some neighboring townships.  Last year his fees totaled $120,000.  That would be a WHOPPING $720,000 over the next 6 years. He receives additional income for various issues where the party concerned reimburses the township.  Maybe taking the total to $1million over 6 years.

With all the money flying around, I believe in the practice of full disclosure. Below I list all of the donations and cash support I have received, and my full financial involvement.
First there is my direct cash support.  None asked for, none given.
Donations?  Ditto.  None asked for none given.
Kickbacks?  None of those either.
Cost of website creating and maintenance? Nothing.  It's free domain hosting, and created by me.  (You can tell that by just looking at it!)
Then of course I could dig into my own substantial pocket?  Haha.  No.
My TOTAL expenditure over more than 5 years in running my Chickenman newsletter and website has been exactly ZERO.

I've got no cash.  Only principles.

Best wishes


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