To protect the taxpayers from shoddy workmanship, the Second Class Township code requires a minimum 10% Performance bond be supplied by any Road contractor. For years, the Supervisors have illegally manipulated the bond to $10,000, far lower than what the law requires to keep it cheaper for Ken Miller's friend, D&L Construction (formerly the bankrupt DL Fleck). This issue has been discussed at prior meetings and has recently reared it's head again.

At the meeting of August 10, 2015 Jim Wendelgass explained that the performance bond has always been 10% of the total contracted amount. I note that this year, the 10% requirement would be $32,455.00.


On September 6, 2011, there was a heated discussion with then Republican Committeeman Tom Helwig, who pointed out the violation (of Township Code) that the Township was only requiring a $10,000 bond on a Road Labor and Equipment Bid contract worth over $300,000 was not proper and should be calculated on the TOTAL contract not just on part of the contract. Chairman of the Board and Roadmaster Ken Miller, the attorney (Allan Greenwood) for Stephen V Siana's firm, and Jim Wendelgass all disagreed with Mr. Helwig.

The Roadmaster and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Ken Miller sits on the Board knowing that a low performance bond is illegal and does nothing because it protects his friend, DL Construction. So what's in it for Mr. Miller, why is he so willing to protect the illegal activity for so long?

To see the video and documentation, go to http://performancebondproblems.blogspot.com

Truth. It's what the residents want. They'll finally get it if Mike Schneider is elected on November 3rd. It's your choice.

Best wishes


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