As the seasons change and we are quickly approaching Fall, most people think about snowplowing being the road work of choice. But in West Vincent Township, they tend to perform road paving well into the time of snow flying. While it may sound strange to you, it also sounds strange to almost everyone else in the world except for Roadmaster and Supervisor Ken Miller, who has to keep his crony friend's company, DL Construction busy with your tax dollars. Of course, the Spring and Summer seasons have escaped us and not one road has had new pavement installed yet.

With that said, a video has been forwarded to me of interest to the voters of West Vincent Township.

Take a drive down Kimberton Rd back in March of 2015. This shows the poor condition of the road, of which nothing has been done except to cold patch it and allow it to crumble even further. It should be noted that just 2 years ago, Ken Miller borrowed  nearly $1,000,000, ONE MILLION DOLLARS, when re-financing the Open Space Bond (what do roads have to do with Open Space?) with the intent to use at least part of the money to do road repairs. Two roads were worked on, one being Kimberton Road, but only a small portion. That would be the portion in from of newly elected Supervisor David Brown's house. Since then, the road has never been further repaired. It should be noted that the section that was repaved was done by an outside firm to an extremely high standard. Compare it to the work done by DL Construction and you will wonder why all of the West Vincent road paving is not done by open bid.

Unfortunately the video finishes before reaching David Browns house, but here is a photograph of that section

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