I just received a copy of an email, from a Truman.  Sounds to be a real person?  No!  It's a made up name just like mine!

In this last email they say "Like. I am guessing, 99 percent of the Chickenman gang stuff, their tax alarm is all smoke and mirrors". But I haven't even mentioned the word taxes in my emails since 11 May and all I did was quote meeting minutes. I didn't dispute or question taxes in any way.  Look it up on my website.  And Mike Schneider, who has his own principles, is not 'my' candidate, he is his own man.  I fully endorse his principles but he is not 'my man'.  I have only ever exchanged about 3 emails with him, and one was to ask his stance on the police where he had been misrepresented.  A second was to remind that him he had not replied to my first! I don't have any knowledge whatsoever of Mr. Schneider ever supporting my work so I am not sure what this Truman group is talking about when they say "Chickenman Gang".

Over 5 years ago, on July 27 2010, I started my emails anonymously since to do otherwise would have created enormous possible repercussions. In that time I have shown, with documentation from the Township, County and State Government and the County Courts as well as news articles, what is going on in the West Vincent Township administration.  The country's Founding Fathers had the same issues with England and wrote using pen names.  The Truman writers (who are part of the protected class because they support the current administration) do not have this problem, they are on the side of the corrupt power and, unlike me, they could be open with their writing. In fact, those people have several times made the claim that someone that remains anonymous cannot be trusted. Perhaps you should follow their advice and don't trust them.

As a final note, remember the video attached of Flint Road a couple weeks ago?  Let me leave you with a few pictures of the patch job that was done on Flint Road. They were taken just a couple weeks after the work was completed. It will remind you of the Blackhorse Road "repair" work. Ken Miller's poor workmanship that you paid for.

Patch, hole, patch?

New patch to the left, no road to the right. Lots of cracking.

Patch over mud so it just fell out

Same hole as last picture. Notice the patch is crumbling. No base.

And this is extremely recent, nothing but gravel and holes about 4" deep

Best wishes


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