About a month ago I received an inquiry about a new development going in on Birchrun Rd.

"Dear Chickenman- Witnessing the beginning of a new development on Birchrun road. It will affect my property. Where would I go to find out who is developing the property and what is planned? I believe it is the old Brunner land tract, but it seems to include the Zarchniak property as well. Thanks, Name deleted"

Here is my reply
"The property on Birchrun Rd WAS slated to be the development created by Hankin. It was originally destined to be an over 55, age restricted community. Some years later, I think in 2013, the builder came to West Vincent Township asking to change the intent of the development from a 55 and over neighborhood to a less developed neighborhood (less houses) that had no restrictions. The West Vincent Supervisor Board at the time (Ken Miller, Clare Quinn and David Brown) jumped at the opportunity to reduce the amount of housing and agreed to the new plans.

This short sightedness of those Supervisors immediately paved the way to costing the taxpayers more money. Why? Now there will be children in the neighborhood, adding burden to the school system. The over 55 community would have paid school taxes and not introduced one child into the schools. The average house does not pay enough in taxes to support the cost of one child for a year in school, about $12,000/year. Thanks Ken and Dave.

Now the development has been acquired by the developer Pulte, Hankin now has nothing to do with it. I bet they would have stayed around if they weren't railroaded so badly over the years by the Ken Miller administration. But after 15 years, how much abuse can one endure?

The street layout was the Weatherstone plan, and potentially subject to change with the new owners.



Note: There are a few other points that may be of interest.

An over 55 community would have yielded about $8000/home in school taxes x 301 homes = $2,408,000.00 with no impact on the school system. A huge windfall for the Owen J Roberts School District which would have helped hold down property taxes, instead of contributing to an increase which is now what is going to happen.  I actually like children, but allowing an average of just one child per household will give 175 children, which will strain the school system. In addition, each household that has one child will not be contributing enough in property taxes which I approximate at a $4,000 deficit.

If you are interested, here is a listing the minutes that discuss the development change BUT any minutes before 2014 are no longer available on the new township website. Surprise!
2-11-13: New plan for the development is submitted to Township from Hankin
6-10-2013: Discussion with Neal Fisher from the Hankin Group to change from 301 age restricted homes to 113 Townhomes and 72 single family units. Age restriction to be removed. The motion to accept the plan was passed unanimously by Ken Miller, David Brown and Clare Quinn.
3-23-2015: Under Subdivision/Land Development:
Brunner Land Development: Anne Porter, Special Solicitor for West Vincent Township informed the Board that West Vincent Associates has assigned their rights to Pulte Homes for the Brunner Land Development along with the financial responsibilities in two phases and all of the Agreements will follow.  Here is the link to the minutes: http://www.westvincenttwp.org/wp-content/uploads/BOS-Minutes-03-23-15.pdf
5-11-2015: The proposed name is changed from "Courtyards at Weatherstone" to "Courts at Chester Springs"

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