I've been hearing that the WVV facebook page is doing a pretty good job of discussing the good things about West Vincent.  All power to their elbow. West Vincent is a beautiful place and needs a community page.

However, WVV doesn't seem so good when they enter politics.  First they managed to omit Mike Schneider's information from their candidate summary.  Then Kit Trolier posted an entirely untrue statement about one of my old newsletters, which I have shown to be absolute nonsense.  I didn't say anything even remotely close to what she claimed!

And then, on June 10 Lee Calhoon posted the following on the WVV facebook page

OK so I wondered, what is Mike Schneider's actual position on this?  Where would I find it?  I searched everywhere.  I discovered that Mike has never, ever, publicly stated his position on the police force.

So I asked Mike himself.  He said

"I am in complete support of having a police department. State police response time is not adequate and surrounding townships police are not available for coverage."

So it seems Lee Calhoon got it 100% wrong.

I see he had 6 likes (see above) and the following support


Amy suggests that people should do their research.  Who is she kidding for heaven's sake?

Best wishes


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