Nearly four years ago I showed you some pictures of muddy water running down Flowing Springs Road.  See 2011 October 2,6,11,13, and 15.


There was work being done on a nearby property, by Jeff Lewis, and there was no silt fence as is required.  Obviously, nothing was done to enforce the environmental obligations.

Here are photos taken just a few days ago (June 4) on Flowing Springs Road.


Not quite as much water, admittedly, but obviously, still nothing is being done about a silt fence.  It's a different property of course but there is still no silt fence.  Why is nothing being done to enforce the regulations?  Could it be that they are friends of Ken Miller, Chairman of West Vincent supervisors for the last 22 years?

The budget for Code Enforcement in West Vincent Township is a whopping $374,600.  That's almost $100 for every man woman and child in West Vincent.  Hmmm.

<a few hours later>

Following on from my mail an hour or so ago I just received the following photo taken yesterday.


Let's hope we don't get all the rain forecast for Sunday.

(By the way, did you notice the shocking state of the road in the foreground?)

Best wishes


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