I have been addressing incorrect claims made by Kit Trolier about a missing track hoe and I promised to follow up with more revelations.  But first may I ask Kit, are there any other specific newsletters I have written that you want to claim are all lies, and completely false?

To continue.  As I have said before, the minutes of West Vincent Township meetings many times do not reflect what was really said. In this case, the minutes (2 August, 2010) recorded for the incident where Mr. Landes addressed the Board about his missing equipment said the following:


The video I supplied last week reflects that Mr. Landes said "missing", not "stolen". Furthermore he never said that the excavator was stolen "from his business".  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owoCD3UKsyI

The video this week shows that there was an extended discussion of the minutes and this misrepresentation. Listen to this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8RG5jHqe5Q  Compare it to the last video. Listen to the claims made of things that never happened in the first video.

Over and over again, the Supervisors admit that the word "stolen" was never used, yet left the minutes to reflect an inaccurate historical record. The Supervisors at the time, Chairman Ken Miller, with Clare Quinn and Zoe Perkins, elected to keep incorrect minutes as the historical record instead of simply correcting one word, the word "missing". Why? They claim that that is what Mr. Landes "meant", what he "inferred". Really? If that were the case, he would simply have said "stolen", which he didn't.

The irony of these fairly accurate minutes for this meeting (October 11, 2010) is that it is addressing a discussion to fix minutes that are inaccurate, but ultimately not correcting those minutes. This is Ken Miller's legacy. The sections of the 10-11-2010 minutes are shown below.



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