Last week I addressed a facebook posting by Kit Trolier talking up my missing track hoe email from almost 5 years ago. There was far more to the story but with all the goings on in West Vincent at the time, I thought it better to cover other quickly arising subjects.  I thank her for reminding me, and giving me cause to return to this old issue because there is plenty more to expose.  There is often more behind the subjects I discuss but I don't want to bore you by going on about it for ever.

To review, I stated on 24 May, 2015:
“But Brachwitz had been forewarned that the police were going to check - it was announced at a township meeting that Swininger was going to check and Brachwitz was at the meeting - and by the time the Chief got to Brachwitz's the backhoe had been spirited away on a low loader.”

It is very interesting to look at this one minute video of the trackhoe owner addressing the West Vincent Township Supervisors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owoCD3UKsyI

This trackhoe was “rented” by the West Vincent Roads Contractor, DL Fleck. I say “rented” in quotes because normally when one rents something, you pay for it which was not the case with Mr. Fleck. He never paid in full for this equipment, not even half. DL Fleck, Now D&L Construction LLC is a company that West Vincent Township gives HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS to each year. What Mr. Landis does not know is that when he addresses the meeting the person in possession of the trackhoe, Carl Brachwitz (Zoning Hearing Board Member) is actually in the audience and calls the Police Chief over for a quick discussion (You can hear Brachwitz say “come here a minute” to the Police Chief) before Mr. Landis has a chance to talk to the Police Chief. You can hear the Police Chief say “Oh, OK” to Brachwitz before they all walk out of the meeting together. Is it any wonder how the trackhoe immediately disappeared from the property? It looks to me like the "fix" is in.

I would like again to thank Mrs. Trolier, a former Zoning Hearing Board member until she was not reappointed for a 5 year term this year, following zoning infractions that I exposed, for the opportunity to expand on this old incident. This isn't the end of the story by any means but it will have to wait until the next time. If you weren't appalled by what you have heard so far, you will be after my next email...........

Best wishes


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