The results are in for West Vincent Township's Primary Election. Attached are snapshots of both Districts results. Congratulations to all three endorsed candidates for doing such a good job representing how the township should keep going in a better direction for everybody. Two of the three won their position on the Republican Ballot. Dave Gooding secured the Republican nomination as well as Democrat so will be the only Constable candidate in the Fall.

Republican Totals

Mike Schneider 471
Ken Miller 253

George Dulchinos 358
Joseph Vasile 307

Jeffrey Goldberg 316
David J Gooding 338

The Democrats had no candidates so it was a write-in free for all. The Miller team did a great job of getting out people. Unfortunately, they are not tabulated at the local level and I am waiting to get final tallies from West Vincent but I understand that the Miller, Vasile and Gooding team took all three Democrat positions assuring them a position on the ballot in the Fall.

Congratulations to everybody and to all the voters that came out. West Vincent is going to to get back on track. It isn't over. You get to do it again in the Fall to wrap it up and I certainly hope that everyone votes for Mike Schneider once again.

Best wishes


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