We are 4 days from the Primary election.  Only two Republican candidates are running for each post. No Democrats. Ken Miller is hoping that he can split the Republican vote and has persuaded the Democrat Committee people to support him.  Why have they chosen a tax scofflaw, who is chased by bill collectors, and who pollutes the beautiful Birchrun?

If you are a Democrat you can write in candidate Mike Schneider. You will find him to be someone that will watch out for your money. For many years he has owned a green company that installs solar panels. He cares about the environment. He also believes in your rights. He was one of the people that was extremely vocal and fought against the Eminent Domain seizure of the Ludwig's Corner Horse Show, the seizure that was orchestrated by Ken Miller. Unlike Ken Miller, Mike has NO government liens against him and has NO judgments against him.

If you have a lot of time to spare, or if you should be even contemplating a vote for Ken Miller, take a look at the following websites (which borrow generously from my own website).


Then on the 19th vote for endorsed Supervisor candidate Mike Schneider: www.justvotemike.com
Also endorsed Jeff Goldberg for Constable: www.trustjeff.com
and endorsed George Duchinos for Auditor: www.votegeorge2015.com

Best wishes


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