West Vincent Voices is a digital newsletter circulating in West Vincent for the past year or so.  It has produced some 8 issues.  Mostly it produces nice stories about West Vincent and they are right about that, it IS a nice place to live. But it is produced by 4 long time Miller supporters that have never disclosed their strong political connections to Ken Miller and the Administration. They published questionnaire responses from all candidates EXCEPT Mike Schneider claiming he had not responded, with the obvious intention of making it look as though he was frightened of publishing his information.  I give below a letter from Missy Bertolami, Committeewoman, West Vincent District 2, and Area 2 Vice Chair.  As a result of some pressure WVV have since published Mike's questionnaire information.

For me, after more than 400 issues of my newsletter and almost 5 years of publication I have from the very first issue made clear where I stand.  Even, the very first line of my website states "Fighting Corruption in West Vincent Township"  and that is my sole aim.  I personally do not care if anyone is Republican or Democrat provided they follow the honest route.

Here is Missy Bertolami's letter:

Hi Chickenman
Please print the letter below  in response to last week's Internet newsletter which released an edition claiming the following:
“The following information was provided by candidates for local office in response to our questionnaire. We received responses from all local candidates except supervisor candidate Mike Schneider.”

To clarify, in order to respond, one first has to receive a questionnaire. While the statement is technically correct, it was written to imply that Mike Schneider, the Endorsed Republican candidate for Supervisor was given a questionnaire, yet did not respond. In fact, our candidate Mike Schneider did not receive a questionnaire from the publication or any of it's owners. Therefore, it would have been impossible to respond.

Mike Schneider has now seen the publication and the questionnaire supplied to all the other candidates - once aware, he immediately answered the questions and submitted them to the publication as well as published the answers here on his own website, http://www.justvotemike.com/#!west-vincent-voices-questionnaire/c2n4 

The claim made on the Internet newsletter was a contrived and intentional act on the part of the publication to malign the Endorsed Republican candidate, Mike Schneider, by making it appear that he ignored the questionnaire - this is absolutely not the case.

Mike Schneider's contact information is easily accessible and one would think the author of an Internet newsletter would be savvy enough to glean this information within minutes....that is, were their intentions honest and above board.
Sincerely, Missy Bertolami, Committeewoman, West Vincent District 2, Area 2 Vice Chair

Best wishes


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