Just a quick note today.  As the campaign heats up, Ken Miller will accelerate the lies that he tells the public in order to win the election. It has been said to me that only in politics does lying pay because the person that lies and wins is rewarded with a guaranteed job and pay for 2, 4, or 6 years.  How true. It is harder to win when only the truth is told because you have to stick to the rules. But with lying, anything goes, anything can be promised.

Ken Miller sent out a letter about Mike Schneider, the ENDORSED candidate for Supervisor, claiming many things that are flatly not true. As an example, Mr. Schneider wrote of the almost $9,000,000 debt that the township refinanced in 2013, of which Ken claims Mike stated was $10,000,000. Not true.

Ken stated that "There is no prepayment penalty for the Bond", speaking of the bond which the township is in debt to through 2031.  If that is true, why do the minutes of March 12, 2015 clearly state differently? It says:  "Mr. Brown asked if the Township has an excess of Open Space taxes. Mr. Wendelgass stated that yes, in fact the Township accumulates over $200,000 every year and they can only be spent on open space. The bond cannot be prepaid due to penalties. At some point in the future, the Township will be able to pay more on the bond, but not at this time."


Here is the Video:

Two of many examples in Ken's letter. There were plenty more but I think Mike addressed them in a letter recently. 

Support the endorsed candidates for West Vincent
Supervisor: Mike Schneider  www.justvotemike.com
Constable: Jeff Goldberg   www.trustjeff.com
Auditor: George Dulchinos  
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