As a follow up to my e-mail about the Township Building ordinance, I have been told that at the Board of Supervisors meeting of April 27, 2015, the Board voted to correct the ban of firearms in order to be compliant with the Commonwealth law. All it took was my "anonymous" email, and their knowledge that the NRA has the money to spend on just such a violation and would be happy to take it to court.

I say "I have been told" because there is no video even after a full work week. Tammy always - normally - has the video up no later than Wednesday. Once again, Mr Miller doesn't want you to see another screwup that his Administration and personal Attorney Steven V Siana have made.   One thing is for sure, Siana will get paid with your tax dollars, yet again, to fix what he has screwed up. I will post the video of that section of the meeting when it becomes available.

How long can the residents of West Vincent tolerate paying for Ken Miller and his cronies. Seriously, hasn't 24 years taught the people of West Vincent a lesson? The other day I was told there are, mostly, 3 types of people who may vote for Miller:

  1. The people that he owes money to (because if he isn't in the administration, he doesn't have enough money to pay them back).
  2. The people that owe Miller a favor (like being allowed to build a porch or addition without permits or filling in wetlands) and he tells them if he doesn't win, they will be forced to tear down their non permitted structure (They MAY need to get retrospective permits, but it is most unlikely they will actually need to tear it down)
  3. The people that want to build something in the township (such as a porch or an addition), and are afraid that if they don't support him, Miller will make it difficult or almost impossible to get the job done. After all, he has done this in the past.  But to do that he firstly needs to know that you didn't vote for him, and secondly, and more importantly, he needs to win the vote.

Yes, that about covers it. Vote Miller out in the Primary. Vote for the officially Endorsed candidate Mike Schneider. Miller could NEVER pass the questionnaire of the Chester County Republican party to get the endorsement!

Why would he not pass the questionnaire you may ask?  Well, until I pointed it out, few realized that he didn't pay his taxes or his bills!  And this is the man who is overseeing the township finances......See questionnaire, questions 3, and 9.

If you are a Democrat, please write in Mike Schneider. John Jacobs needs a second person in office to work with him in order to fix the Township. That is why John was voted in. Also please vote Jeff Goldberg for Constable www.trustjeff.com and George Dulchinos for Auditor www.voteGeorge2015.com

We need to get rid of the cronyism in the Township and CONTINUE to get people in that really care.

Best wishes


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