A local West Vincent newsletter has published information about all the candidates barring Mike Schneider.  They say Mike did not reply to their questionnaire.  Apparently he did not receive it. To even things up a little here is what Mike would have said if he had actually received the questionnaire in time:

Website :

Mike Schneider standing for supervisor
Party: Republican
Education: Great Valley High School, 1978
                  Delaware County Community College
Occupation: Owner of Gwynedd Computer Center, Greener Existence, and Garage Den


What is your local Government Experience?
My first experience with local Government started back in 2001, when, on the day after Christmas the Board of Supervisors amended the zoning to allow apartments on the Griffith property. At that point, I started attending meetings to gain knowledge as to why this was done and why they would make such a big decision on a day when people were busier than usual. Then in 2011 when the Board of Supervisors seized the Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show grounds through an Eminent Domain, I then started attending the Board of Supervisor Meeting’s on a regular basis. I have also been elected twice as Republican Committeeman and as Tax Collector in 2013.

What other qualifications do you have for the office you are seeking?
Being an owner of various businesses, starting 28 years ago, grants me experience in all aspects of management. The office of Supervisor requires strong leadership skills, something that is also mandatory in running a successful business. Other skills that have served me well, and would be beneficial as Supervisor, are strong financial and analytical skills, experience working under pressure, being innovative, and impeccable time management and organizational skills. 

Why are you seeking this office? 
After paying close attention for years to our Township’s spending and direction, I feel compelled to step up and do my part to protect our township from a wasteful and intrusive government and assure the same for our children.

What are your goals if elected?
My goals are simple: 1) Financial responsibility; it’s imperative that our Township stop spending taxpayer’s money without due diligence. 2) Involve and educate township residents so that they can participate fully informed. 3) Establish long-term goals and budgets; enabling us to meet our future goals while reducing our tax rate, so that it’s in line with the majority of other Chester county townships.

Best wishes


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