In just over 5 weeks, the voters will be deciding who they want to run for Supervisor in West Vincent Township. There are two candidates.

The first is Mike Schneider. Mr. Schneider is a person that stands for what is right. He fought against the manipulation of the zoning by the Supervisors (two of which are now gone, only Miller remains) and the placement of Oxford Rise apartments (most people in the township call them Miller Towers after Ken Miller pushed them through). Even the Engineering firm of Kise-Straw that originally designed the Ludwigs Corner Strategic Vision Plan clearly disagreed both verbally and by design with the location. A picture of that plan is at the bottom of this communication. Apartments need to be part of a community, but instead were pushed far away from the area where they should have been placed, near other development.

Mike supported the Ludwig's Corner Horse Show grounds during the Eminent Domain proceedings and was very vocal about it. He felt the use of Eminent Domain by the Township and the conduct of the Supervisors was abhorrent. While Mike's property is very close to the Show grounds and they can be very loud at times, he realized the use of the Show grounds preceded his residency and the grounds were used within the zoning. He is a strong believer in personal and property rights. Two of the three Supervisors that engineered that taking, costing the township tax payers thousands of dollars and tremendous amounts of time to fight, are now gone. Only Ken Miller, the mastermind behind the Eminent Domain attempt, is still in office.

Mike Schneider, although he was never a member of the club or associated with it in any way, supported the continuation of the gun club that shot skeet on the Show Grounds for 40 years when the township put them under pressure to close.

There are other instances but these three serve as examples of Mike Schneider standing by his beliefs.

The other candidate running for the office of Supervisor is Ken Miller The choice isn't hard, Ladies and Gentlemen. Come out and vote for Mike Schneider on Tuesday May 19 or risk further irreparable damage to the township for 6 more years.

Best wishes


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