In the Township meeting of 23 February, 2015, Chris Peeples spoke about West Vincent Township and Transferable Development Rights. He said, “ The township gets them (TDR's) like gambling chips and they (the
township) can spend them with whatever person they want to. Whether it's Toll Brothers, whether it's Cutler, whoever it is, they can stick them in their pocket and pull them out and sprinkle them at their will to where they want them.” Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJmBVTWGQmA

While the Township contradicts what he says in a public letter, once again, Chris Peeples is correct. I mentioned in my last newsletter that West Vincent did indeed do that with Toll Brothers. First the Township changed the zoning, specifically allowing Toll/Orleans to reduce the size of Town homes to add an extra unit to each building in the same footprint which will increase population in the township. To complete the job, Toll/Orleans would need TDR's to increase density. Here is a link to the January 19, 2011 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes that proves this. Look under the heading Subdivision/Land Development http://westvincenttwp.org/home/images/Minutes/PC-Minutes-011912.pdf

On July 8, 2013, the Board of Supervisors announced that they desired to purchase TDR's from the Burch property on St Matthews Rd. It was also stated at that meeting "does not have any plans for the TDR's at this time" and "...that there is no buyer....".

August 12, 2013 the Board of Supervisors announced that they would put the TDR's up for sale http://www.westvincenttwp.org/home/images/Minutes/BOS%20Minutes%2008-12-13.pdf

West Vincent Township knew where there was a willing seller of TDR's and purchased them from the Burch property on St Matthews Rd AFTER changing the zoning to accommodate the Developer. Immediately after the Township purchased the TDR's, they decided to put the TDR's up for sale.

August 26, 2013, Maria Jacobs asked how they determined that the township would sell 35 of the TDR's . The Board stated there was a “potential” buyer for that many, acting as if they didn't know if Toll/Orleans would buy the TDR's. Here are the minutes http://westvincenttwp.org/home/images/Minutes/BOS%20Minutes%2008-26-13.pdf

The bid package was advertised

September 9, 2013, the bids were opened. Only one bidder. Surprise!
Orleans (who is partnered with Toll) purchased them!

This entire job was created so the developer to make more money. The Township engineered the need for the TDR's, then satisfied the need for those TDR's by changing zoning and allowing more population in the township where it could have prevented it.Is it a coincidence that Ken Miller has farmed ground held by Toll/Orleans? Quid Pro Quo with a "sprinkling of TDR's" by the Township. Ken Miller claims he is against Developers while he is in bed with them. David Brown originally ran for office claiming to stop development. Actions speak louder than words, these actions say Miller and Brown are lying again. Thank you for speaking up, Mr. Peeples.

Remember, Election Day is May 19.

Best wishes


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