How much more deception can any resident endure?

In my last several emails I discussed how lifetime resident Chris Peeples addressed the Township Board of Supervisors. He was both not told the truth and bullied. The Administration continued the conduct into the next township meeting of March 9, 2015 by reading aloud a letter of response being mailed to Mr. Peeples.

The video is for the section I am addressing is published here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxnQxWOCKNQ  Please watch it, it is one minute only. The transcription is at the end of this mail.

To hear the entire letter  simply go to http://www.westvincenttwp.org/home/images/videos/BOS-Video-030915-1.mp4   and it starts at 1:03:50

Is it possible that Supervisor and attorney David Brown could be so foolish that he does not even realize that what he is reading isn't true? Within walking distance of David Brown's own house is a THIRD TDR Receiving zone. How can he not know that as a 3 year Supervisor? Ken Miller clearly knows it, he was part of the original design with Clare Quinn and Zoe Perkins. This is another area that can become fairly high density and is well prepared for it, with public sewer set on the property, ready for hookup. The West Vincent website strategically keeps Zoning Maps off of the Zoning Ordinance on the website so you can't see them. So I have attached the TDR Overlay map, so that you can see that there are clearly THREE locations, not two, as David Brown claims.

Furthermore, the Township did indeed sell many Transferable Development Rights to Toll/Orleans for the Byers Station Development when Supervisors Ken Miller, David Brown and Clare Quinn were in office. Both Ken and David Brown forgot to mention this fact, didn't they?
Who drafted this letter? The Township attorney? How much money did the West Vincent Taxpayer waste to produce another now proven lie? All in order to bolster the egos of certain people in the Administration. Instead, they look like fools, once again. The West Vincent residents have been lied to for so long by Ken Miller, a Supervisor of a ridiculous 24 years, but only lied to by David Brown for around 3. Now they are finding out, thanks to the Internet and Township videos.

Election day is approaching.

TDR Overlay

Point 4.  TDRs.     You say that (quote) TDR's or Transferable Development Rights could be  credited to any developer (Brown repeats himself) at the whim of the Supervisors (close quote) and that we (quote) are selling out the heartland of West Vincent Township (close quote)  by (quote) doing favors with their TDR chips that will cost you (close quote). That's incorrect.

Transferable Development Rights operate this way. A landowner gives up his right to the Township the right to develop his land, which the township pays him. The Township can either hold, retire or sell those development rights, but if we sell them it can only be into the area where development is to be channeled so as to keep it from sprawling everywhere. This is called a Receiving Zone and the two receiving zones are on the borders of Upper Uwchlan Township and in Ludwig's Corner.   Bryn Coed is nowhere near either.

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