In recent newsletters I have been discussing a Township meeting where resident Chris Peeples addressed the Board of Supervisors at a meeting on 23 February 2015.

I have to say that the abuse Mr. Peeples endured at this meeting is an embarrassment. No citizen should have to tolerate this type of castigation. He had questions and opinions which he expressed. He has a right to do so. He said nothing mean although, as I have proven, he has reason to be suspicious. Public officials may not agree with the resident, but to release a torrent of verbal abuse is shameful. Chris Peeples is only one person in a long line of those that have been abused by the West Vincent Administration. Here is the video.  A transcription of the dialogged is below but please watch the video, it is less than a minute. You need to hear the style.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdpUWT0oS6M&

Chris Peeples never questioned Ken Miller's integrity, as Ken Miller asserts. I certainly question Ken Miller's integrity, but Mr. Peeples didn't.  Nor did Mr. Peeples make any "halfway accusations", as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Ken Miller claims. He merely stated that "I would imagine Ken Miller someday maybe does want to sell his land". He was speculating that perhaps one day "maybe" Miller might sell his property, as many other farmers do. Miller continued to put words in Chris' mouth, stating "Why do you think I'm going to sell my farm?" Peeples never said that. The only word for Miller's treatment of Chris Peeples is appalling.

Mr. Peeples, a lifetime resident of West Vincent Township has reason to be concerned because actions speak louder than words. Here are two examples:

The Weatherstone development is located upon property which was once owned by the Miller family. It was sold to the Miller family many years ago so that it would be preserved as a farm. As you can see, it is no longer a farm.

In 1999, the same thing happened again. Ken Miller bought a 25 acre parcel on Davis Lane, near his farm. He sold the Transferable Development Rights on the property, recouping almost his entire investment. Just a few years later, he sold the property for a PROFIT of $774,844. For more information on the profiteering of Ken Miller, read my email from 14 April, 2013. You can learn how poor Ken Miller made almost $1,500,000 in less than 6 years through property/development transactions.

Mr. Peeples has good reason to be concerned about Ken Miller's continued ownership of the Miller Farm. Actions speak louder than words. Miller's actions say sell, sell, SELL!

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