In my last e-mail, I spoke about a resident named Christopher Peeples coming to a West Vincent Township meeting to express his concerns about development in the municipality. One of the statements he made during this meeting was directed towards West Vincent Attorney Steven V. Siana. Peeples stated: “Siana Law and Development Company, that seems like a conflict of interest. I mean, I...".

Attorney Steven Siana became agitated, stating, “I'm not aware of any Siana Development Company. I'm not sure what you're talking about.” Chris Peeples emphasized twice that he Googled something but was abruptly cut off by the Township Attorney, Steven Siana, who said "I'm taking some notes on what you understand and what you've heard and a lot of it...a lot of it's extremely inaccurate so we have to get to that"

Here is that brief interchange caught on video http://youtu.be/p7DVf0YL_K8

I suppose Mr. Siana should be agitated because he doesn't want people to know the truth. While there is no “Steven Siana Development Company” as such, the fact is that Township Attorney Steven V Siana is indeed a developer and has developments in the Township and Mr Peeples is right, there certainly is a conflict of interest.  This goes back a long time.  On 23 April 2011, I referenced a 1992 newspaper article that referred to Sianna as a developer in West Vincent.
  Here is the article http://articles.philly.com/1992-01-19/news/26037963_1_horse-trail-trail-access-subdivision-plan

Steve Siana currently owns an office complex in West Vincent Township on Rt 100 next to Frames Power Equipment. Originally there was one building on the site. He DEVELOPED a second pad site where his office is now. He has another undeveloped pad site on the property for an office building. Adjoining that property is a large warehouse he revamped and I challenge anyone to find permits for the many alterations to that building.

As a developer Steve Siana built an ice rink in adjoining Upper Uwchlan Township. The project didn't go so well and there was a $2.06 million judgment against him for not honoring his contractual obligations.

This article was referenced in a video in 2011 about the Weatherstone development. You can see that video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjTC2IrTUDI

Steve Siana has 3 adjoining property parcels totaling over 73 acres Bartlett Lane in the township, just past Wetherhill Estates. (See the attached images)  Siana has never sold or surrendered his Development Rights. That means that he could file a development plan at any time.

Mr. Peeples has good reason to be suspect of the township attorney, Steven V Siana. Actions speak louder than words. Steven V Siana's words say he is not aware of any Siana development company but with 3 development projects and being a large developable property holder in West Vincent Township, Steven V Siana's actions show that he is indeed a developer, and in West Vincent Township.  Furthermore, he is in a position of influence to Administrative officials where he could, if he wished, manipulate their decisions to benefit him and the values of his property in West Vincent Township.

So there is most certainly a conflict of interest as Mr Peeples quite rightly pointed out.

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