I did a little Internet surfing last week. I had been thinking about the exorbitant amount of money that the West Vincent taxpayers pay for their Emergency Management. I wrote an article 1 June last year about Emergency Management, talking about how in other townships Emergency Management is a volunteer position, done as a public service to give back to the citizens at personal sacrifice. I then wrote an article 16 January Emergency Management Email - Japanese Erotic Blog?, which spoke about the raise the Emergency Management Coordinator gets this year and the poor proof reading by that same employee.

I found some information about Upper Uwchlan's Emergency Management team that works for no money. That would be $0.00 In the Upper Uwchlan website, I found the following links:

Upper Uwchlan Emergency Management meeting agendas from 2010-2014. 39 meetings https://www.upperuwchlan-pa.gov/Archive.aspx?AMID=47&Type=&ADID=

Upper Uwchlan Emergency Management meeting minutes. https://www.upperuwchlan-pa.gov/Archive.aspx?AMID=48&Type=&ADID=

39 Meetings in 48 months. Almost one meeting a month concentrating on emergency procedure for the citizens of Upper Uwchlan Township.

I then visited the West Vincent Township website to see what kind of meetings the Emergency Management Coordinator has held. I found none. No record of any meetings. No reports, either. None at all!

Minutes are published for the Board of Supervisors Meetings, the Planning Commission, the Environmental Action Committee, the Sustainability Committee, and the Parks and Recreation Committee but not Emergency Management, critical to the safety of the West Vincent Residents.

I would love to say you get what you pay for, but for Eighteen thousand Dollars, that would be $18,000.00, I don't see the West Vincent residents getting anything they are paying for. So often in the Miller Administration there is money being spent yet no accountability for that money. This is a clear example of the public trusting West Vincent, and in this case for their safety, and there are no easily accessible records of what is being done with the money. It certainly appears there have been no meetings of EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT other than the mandatory test for Limerick Generating Plant and that you would only know about from Board of Supervisor minutes. Remember, in other Townships, the work is voluntary and since no one is paid, the budgets are 90 to 95% LESS than what is paid in West Vincent Township. Sometimes even less. Where is that money going?  Actions speak louder than words. I don't see any action whatsoever. Just a lot of money spent.

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