What the West Vincent Township tells you and what the truth is often are two completely different things. For example, the case of resident Chris Peeples. Mr. Peeples is very troubled with the township concerning development. He addressed the township at a Board of Supervisors Meeting on 23, February, 2015.

Here is the issue in it's most basic terms:

At the meeting of February 23, 2015, both Ken Miller and Jim Wendelgass claim that 5 acres zoning is still in RC (Rural Conservation) zoning and always has been. Chris Peeples stated he was told by the Administration 6 months ago that there is now no 5 acre zoning.

In 2011, 4 years ago, Jim Wendelgass stated specifically there is no such thing as 5 acre zoning. From 2011 through 2015, the zoning hasn't been altered in relation to lot sizing.

Here is a 3 minute video. It contains both the 23 February, 2015 and the 7 March 2011 township produced videos. West Vincent thinks they deleted all of the historical township videos so the public never see what the Administration said in the past, but they I have a copy........... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyyn7n_CkLc

(Below I have included selected transcripts of these conversations from the township videos)

So which is it? Is there 5 acre zoning or not? Township Manager Jim Wendelgass has claimed both while Ken Miller was sitting next to him both times. Ken said nothing in 2011. Public officials are in a position of trust. When is the truth being told? It is impossible to know. Is that how your government should work?

I would like to thank Mr. Peeples for discussing this subject, for standing up to the abuse he endured at a Township meeting, and giving the Administration the opportunity to once again show how it cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Actions speak louder than words. Their actions say deception.

Best wishes


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