This weekend (and many weekends prior), I have searched for the West Vincent Township 2014 Budget vs Actual report so I could review. But no it does not yet exist. I understand the Township uses Quick Books. With Quick Books the action involves pushing a button to generate the report. Perhaps there is something that the administration doesn't want the public to see?

While on the Internet, I stumbled across a December 2012 Daily Local article about the adoption of the 2013 West Vincent Budget. Here is the Link http://www.dailylocal.com/article/DL/20121218/NEWS01/121219581

There was some very interesting information that shed light on the total incompetence of the Administration. It said “The board of supervisors also approved a $10,000 increase in the budget for solicitor and legal fees, totaling $80,000 of budget for the item. According to Brown, that decision was made with caution, with the expectation that the actual amount will be closer to $71,000.”

Supervisor Brown campaigned on lower legal bills yet when he was in power he voted to INCREASE the legal budget. Then he claimed that he believed the legal bills would be much lower than the budget speculated, trying to soften the increase to the voter. In the end, it proves that Supervisor Brown either has absolutely no comprehension about how out of control the attorney bills are or he doesn't care.

Contrary to Supervisor Brown's forecast, at the close of 2013 the legal bills were much higher than budgeted. Here is what the 2013 Budget vs. Actual reflects on Page 10

See http://www.westvincenttwp.org/home/images/docs/2013_Year_End_Budget_vs_Actual.pdf

The actual amount spent on Legal Bills in 2013 wasn't the Brown speculation of $71,000, or even the Township budgeted $80,000. It was $122,759.31. That is almost $43,000 over budget OR 53.45% above the budgeted rate, not the 10% below that was forecast.

Further, the reporter mentioned that there was a tax increase in West Vincent Township in 2011, stating  "Property taxes were last raised on township residents in 2011, and since then have remained at 2.09 mils.”

 This is the only time I have seen the tax increase reported as a tax increase by any newspaper. The crux of Clare Quinn's 2011 campaign was telling voter that there was no tax increase, rather that taxes had been lowered. The fact is, your property taxes are now higher since they raised the General Fund tax. Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Ken Miller and Supervisor Clare Quinn merely played a shell game of removing an Open Space tax that was due to expire one year later in order to persuade voters away from Rich Malasics, who was sounding the alarm that this was a tax increase. This campaign flim-flam has left the residents paying more in taxes. It is sad to see honest voters being duped. Be careful, history can repeat itself.

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