Now that we have arrived in the new year, it is time to do the final calculations on how much the West Vincent Township legal counsel cost the taxpayers. This wraps up a previous e-mail from 3 August, 2014. You will want to read it to refresh your memory. Here are the calculations for this year's legal bills:

January           8,958.40
February       12,997.22
March              8,785.66
April                 8,185.03
May                11,123.07
July                13,491.94
August           18,894.41
September    16,461.31
September      7,681.30
November       8,292.25
December       6,896.79

TOTAL:      $121,767.38

These numbers are taken from the DRAFT Bills List on the Township website. I have spoken about this before. The Township never replaces the DRAFT Bills List with the ACTUAL Bills List on the website so the numbers can be fuzzy. While it would be easy exchange the Bills List since it is a matter of swapping out electronic files, that might reflect payments made to vendors that the Administration may not want you to see. In the case of the legal bills, there may be a bill that is not listed.

I can happily say that my newsletter projection for the 2014 legal bills was almost exact, being based on the first 6 months of the year. My forecast was off by just over $3,200 or just over 2.5%. The fact is the Siana-Bellwoar law firm exceeded the budget by almost $30,000, over 25%! Good thing Jim Wendelgass budgeted an another increase of $10,000 for 2015, to a whopping $100,000! Historically, the Siana firm has exceeded the budget and I am sure he won't disappoint his record for 2015. Quick reminder: Supervisor David Browns's campaign strongly suggested the reduction of legal costs, something that has INCREASED $30,000 for the 3 years he has been a Supervisor. He said what he needed to to get your vote.

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