It's the time of year when West Vincent is getting snow and ice. Not nearly as much as predicted, but enough to cause the residents problems. The West Vincent Road crew with DL Fleck assisting are combating the dangers by plowing the township roads and dispersing salt. I have often wondered why it seems that the township goes through so much salt and here is one of the reasons.


The hundreds of pounds of salt dumped on Flowing Springs Road (a township road) on January 21st starts at the Birchrun Cafe just uphill from the coveted Birchrun, crosses the creek and proceeds up the opposing hill. All the runoff from that saltwater would go directly into that creek, which is valiantly protected by so many in Birchrunville. I have even written on 27 April, 2013 about the people and police that take time out of their lives to escort amphibians across Hollow Road so that they may mate. This is another active crossing area. What chemical kills these little guys? SALT!!!!! Read about the impact here: http://www.esajournals.org/doi/abs/10.1890/07-1644.1

So in addition to the Township issuing approvals for pond pesticides around the township to decimate these little fellas, any that may make it through that pesticide attack will be barraged by hazardous amounts of salt being dumped in their homes while they sleep for the winter! This death is delivered by those that claim to be the gatekeepers of environment (the Township Administration). And who is the Keymaster? Roadmaster and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Ken Miller. That would be bad enough, if it worked.  But as it has just been applied, it doesn't.

Think about this. When the dry salt is driven over, it is pulverized into dust. Then it just blows off the road to pollute the area to kill frogs without giving any benefit whatsoever. Here is what is also does. It does is cost the taxpayers for the labor, the Roadmaster's ‘organizational skills', and the salt. On road surfaces salt needs to have snow or ice already on the ground to do any good. This is why Penndot uses brine to pretreat roads.

Ken Miller, the guy who is dumping salt almost directly into the Birchrun also owns the farm that is polluting the same creek just upstream with all of his farm effluent. Don't believe me? Here is his EPA report:

If you don't have time to read it all, just read Page 12, Numbers 6,7 & 8. Maybe Ken thinks that the salt will neutralize his toxic runoff? He'll need a dumptruck full of baking soda to help with that!

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