The West Vincent Township Auditors met on January 6, 2015. They are responsible for setting rates for compensation but most importantly the RoadMaster salary. The Roadmaster is also the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Ken Miller. The meeting was brief, less than 15 minutes. The township did not post a video for this meeting on the West Vincent website. There is someone that videos various meetings at the township and lucky for me and the readers, he was at this particular meeting. I posted a copy to YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6WmuKjR1e0

Prior to the final vote for the rate increase of 3%, for a total of $26,123.00 for a part time 20 hour per week job. The 20 hours is unverifiable by the Township since the Roadmaster does not use a time clock. In addition to this money, the Roadmaster also receives Health and Dental insurance of which the 2015 budget allots $42,600. While the budget does not break out how much money the Roadmaster's portion is, but historically it has been 50% for the Roadmaster, 12.5% for each of the other road crew. By that calculation, the part time employee Ken Miller received insurance coverage valued at approximately $21,300, for a total take by Miller of $47,423 for a 20 hour work week. Auditor Maria Holderness asked the other two Auditors how the rate increase was determined. The answer came from Auditor Barbara Dunn. She replied (paraphrased), “It's in the budget”. That's it, no other determination? Was there a review? Apparently not. Did anyone do a comparison of other similar and neighboring municipalities? Only Marie Holderness did. In fact, she followed the guidelines issued by the Governor of Pennsylvania in order to make a determination.  See http://www.newpa.com/webfm_send/1740 Pages 16-18 (Note, it's a pdf, will take a few seconds to load)

The other two Auditors did nothing, no research whatsoever, and then voted for the pay raise. Most recently elected Auditor Maria Holderness did not. It seems obvious that only newest Auditor exercised due diligence and followed what the State charges her with in order to protect the taxpayers. At least there is one member on the Auditor's Board doing the research, developing an educated decision. The other two are friends of Ken Miller.

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