Yesterday I was forwarded an email circulated by West Vincent Township. Here is an extract.  The full image is attached.
I highlighted one of the links in the email (www.readyregion.org). That link goes directly to what appears to be a Japanese erotic blog. I had it translated by a human Japanese translator but you can get the gist of it by going to Google Translator. One sentence reads "This time I'll try to finally using Viagra". Should you go to the site, it is benign. There does not appear to be any nudity and there don't appear to be any bad or dangerous links.

Who issues these notices at the township? I assume it would be the township appointed Emergency Management Coordinator, James Gooding. I have written about West Vincent Emergency Management before on 1 June, 2014 Emergency Management (read it to refresh your memory).  At the very least, could the Coordinator check his work before having it published? After all, he is paid $18,000/year. Yes, the Emergency Management salary was increased from $17,000/year to $18,000/year for 2015 for an extremely part time job that is voluntary in other townships.

Best wishes for the New Year


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