Greiner Zoning Violations

By now, I hope everyone knows about the Zoning Hearing Board official that that has blatantly violated the zoning laws of West Vincent Township by operating a business in a location where it is clearly not allowed. In fact, this issue has been a point of multiple violations over DECADES. First, a trucking company was established at the location on the western edge of the township on Rt 401. That went to court in the 80's and was decided on by a judge to allow the trucking company to stay with no further expansion, since it had been operating for so long without intervention by the Township administration.

The operation decided to start a landscaping supply business (expansion), on RESIDENTIAL ground adjoining the original property. Neighbors complained and the township ignored them. Then the neighbors brought in attorneys, forcing the township to take notice and start exercising authority, issuing Cease and Desist notices. In 2013, the Zoning Hearing Board that Kit (Greiner) Trolier is a member, ruled against her illegal operation and she shut the business down.......FOR THE WINTER. In 2014, the business re-opened bigger than ever. The neighbors had to bring back out attorneys and videos, since the township Zoning Officer Sandra Cantrell seemed to be helpless and “wasn't sure” anything was being violated. After a video surfaced


showing that the business was alive and well, it took an entire business season for the issue of sitting in the Chester County Court of Common Pleas. As the application for Injunction slowly moved forward, the season for selling landscape materials came to a close, and the West Vincent official, Kit Trolier (who earned all that cash), came to a settlement with the Township to cease and desist and to pay $20,000 to the township at $500 per month until it is paid off. If the business starts again, she will be obligated to another $30,000 payment. In the two years, Kit cost the taxpayers approximately $50,000 in legal bills, although the exact number is hard to determine with absolute certainty since many of the legal bills for this issue have never been listed publicly in the Bills Lists.



Kit Trollier, Former Supervisor candidate that teamed up with friend and now Supervisor David Brown. Kit Trolier, former candidate for Republican Committee. Kit Trolier, friend and avid supporter of Ken Miller, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Roadmaster. Kit Trolier, who was caught lying about other political candidates


and untruths claiming that nothing was illegal about her landscape supply operation. Kit Trolier is due for a re-appointment to the Zoning Hearing Board at the beginning of 2015. I wonder if David Brown and Ken Miller will reinstall their puppet/mouthpiece or realize that we are all now watching.

Best wishes for the New Year


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