West Vincent Township is revamping it's website. After several years of devolving content and readability, I would guess finally enough complaints have hit the office to make them take notice. I wrote about this 14 March 2013.  I know that searching on the current site is like a treasure hunt, without the map! The colors blend. The font is difficult to read and the type size makes it even more difficult. If you have an older computer like me, the changing pictures slow everything down. And most of all, there just isn't that much information there. Historical data is lacking. Searching the internet, sometimes I can find things that are still buried in archives back into the 1990's (which is very readable, by the way), but is not still part of the content today.

I understand why. Restricting readily available information makes it more difficult to compare what the township did in the past compared to today. Old bills lists, minutes, agendas, bid packages, etc. That is not information that the Administration wants you to read. This censorship has been enhanced by a "hack" of the website I wrote about 21 January, 2014 which eliminated videos and other information prior to 2014. During the reconstruction of the website, the Administration re-installed some of the previous information but eliminated every one of the Township videos prior to 2014, with the exception of one.

Volunteer for the committee that will ultimately decide the look, feel, operation and content of the website. You don't have to know how to put the website together or be a techie. They have "people" for that. You should need to know what a good website looks like and how that layout makes it easy to navigate. So if you spend a lot of time on the web, maybe this is your forte? It is only a few meetings and you could make a difference is the way information is delivered to the residents of West Vincent.........and the world!

I hope you had a great Christmas and have a great New Year.

Best wishes


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