EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!!! The Trash Task Force Report has been released! I wonder if it has something to do with my e-mail dated 30 October 2014.

From the West Vincent Township website:

The Task Force identified a series of options for dealing with trash collection and recycling in the Township. The Task Force selected one option as its preferred option. It is recommending that the Board of Supervisors consider developing a program which will identify and contract with a preferred hauler. Residents will be encouraged, but not required, to use that preferred hauler. It is anticipated that rates will decrease for trash pickup as more residents sign up to use the preferred hauler. All haulers providing trash pickup to Township residents will be required to provide recycling services to their customers as a requirement by state law. This is a recommendation by the Task Force only. The Board of Supervisors thanks the Task Force for its work and will consider the report, all of the options and the recommendation before taking further action.


This report recommendation has a date of June 26, 2014. So, 6 months AFTER the delivery of this report to the West Vincent Administration, it was FINALLY released to the public. One HALF YEAR! Why so long? When the Trash Task Force was formed, this was an extremely important and a job that needed to be executed promptly. Ken Miller was the driving force behind it. Did it not deliver the results that would expand government (in house employees to do the billing) that Ken Miller continues to embrace? Whatever the reason, the Task Force dedicated their time and after the report was delivered, it sat in a drawer, away from the public eyes. How often does this happen with township committee projects and why?

This report does reflect the original survey results that published on David Brown/Kit Trolier's website in 2011 which showed that over 90% of the people of West Vincent Township wanted nothing to do with government run, single hauler trash collection.

Final thought. This report is well done and informative. Give it a read.

Best wishes


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