In the latest West Vincent Township Bills list there was a charge from “Occupational Health” for On-Site Influenza Vaccine, totaling $428. http://www.westvincenttwp.org/home/images/Board%20Meeting%20Info/Draft_Bills_List_120814.pdf   

Looking over past year's Bills Lists, this is something that is done every year.
Chester County offered FREE flu shots AT LEAST 3 times this year: October 23, December 3 and December 9. Here are the announcements:


Is it fair that the taxpayers of West Vincent cover the costs of an "on-site" visit to the West Vincent Township building while free options are available? I don't think so. Consider this, you paid for these shots twice! How so?

First, it's clear from the Bills List that the taxpayers paid $428 for the on-site flu shots. Second, thanks to the new ObamaCare insurance requirements, flu shots are covered in almost every instance.
http://www.hhs.gov/healthcare/facts/factsheets/2010/09/The-Affordable-Care-Act-and-Immunization.html   Every full time employee (full time in West Vincent is 20 hours) gets insurance as part of their employment. Who pays for that insurance? You do.

Who approved this expenditure? Was it Ken Miller? This is another "perk" that Miller gives to insure his popularity at the taxpayer's expense! He needs votes next year, so he spares his people the trip to their own doctor or a free clinic. It's not his money.

The Township Manager, Jim Wendelgass, is in charge of reviewing and knowing the insurance policy. Why would he allow the township to squander taxpayer funds? Maybe because it's not his money, either? Speaking of "his money", in the 2015 West Vincent Budget, the guardian of our finances gave himself a $3255.00 salary raise. His TOTAL salary and benefits package increased from $138,320 (2014) to $148,035 (2015), or roughly $10,000 total increase given to Mr. Wendelgass for 2015.

Over Christmas, forget about Ken Miller and how you are being screwed by West Vincent and have a Great Holiday with friends and family!

Best wishes


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