I m behind with my reading of the BOS minutes and decided to catch up.  The very first minutes I read, for August 11 http://www.westvincenttwp.org/home/images/Minutes/BOS_Minutes_08-11-14_.pdf include this information:

I was intrigued. According to the minutes, in addition to the insurance company that protects West Vincent Township making a payment of $165,000 to resident Carl Masarra for the Road Crew doing damage to his property, you, the taxpayer also shelled out an additional $35,000. That would be almost $8 per person for every man, woman and child that resides in West Vincent Township. This was not a court decision, this was a settlement. Most likely, this settlement was to keep this suit from landing in front of a jury and having a potentially much higher award.

Here is the information directly from the file at the Prothonotary's office at the Chester County Courthouse. At the link you will see the complaint. As I read the documentation, it appears that the West Vincent Road Crew, directed solely by Roadmaster and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Ken Miller; trespassed onto the Masarra property on Hollow Rd in Birchrunville in order to complete a road drainage project. In doing so, the road crew worked beyond the legal right of way area and did serious damage to a private individual's property.

Why would Ken Miller do such a thing? He simply doesn't care about residents property rights and it looks to me that Ken Miller directed his road crew to do whatever he wanted them to do and if the property owner didn't like it, he could sue them. Well, Mr. Masarra did, and didn't quit. He wasn't going to allow the Township to trespass, damage his property and not pay compensation. That same year as this lawsuit, the Horse Show pushed back against the egregious Eminent Domain assault by Ken Miller and his two crony Supervisors of the time. The Township had to back down. In the end, Ken Miller has cost you, the taxpayer, tens of thousands of your tax dollars for lawyers bills and settlements for his follies and foibles. This is another example. I wonder how many more issues there are that nobody knows about?

They say when you are in a hole stop digging. 
Well I'm not in a hole and I'll certainly not be stopping digging!

Best wishes


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