The West Vincent Budget is now listed on the West Vincent Township website. You may want to review where your money is being allotted for next year. There will be a discussion at the regularly scheduled West Vincent Board of Supervisors meeting on November 10.

Have any questions about the proposed budget? Sorry. The questions had to be submitted IN WRITING by November 5. At that meeting, now the only thing you will be able to do is sit in the audience and keep your mouth shut. Reviewing the discussion on the video from the last meeting, there was discussion recommending the sending in questions but not of REQUIRING your questions be submitted prior to the meeting.

Once again, suggested limitations be set forth were presented by Vice-Chair Supervisor David Brown. That's right, the same Supervisor that campaigned on the platform that everybody in the township should come to Township meetings and participate, to see how open the process is. Since he has become Supervisor, his only contribution seems to be attempting to squelch the comment of the residents time and again. During this discussion, he first didn't want to have a discussion as it would take "20 hours"(about 9 minutes into the video). Then he determined that if it was to happen, each individual would get perhaps two minutes. They have to limit the time. Then it was decided that the cap would be that the meeting would end at 9:30 pm.

Here is a link to the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbUWh9rkTQ8

So the real question is this. Who decided that all the questions MUST be pre-submitted? The Supervisors did not agree to this restriction, at least publicly and that is certainly NOT a subject for Executive Session.

By the way, here is posting on the website about this

which seems to have been made around the end of October. Small window of opportunity unless you study the Township website on a daily basis, don't you think?  I've heard from people who have seen the posting, but from not one person who saw it before 5th November.  Which of course is the idea.  No-one will be able to question the Budget.

So much for voter participation.  Some might call it a two way brand of dictatorship.

One final question. Does it really take Township Manager Jim Wendelgass more than 1/10 of his entire work as manager to just make a budget for a township of 4600 residents? He claims in the video that it takes him "hundreds of hours" to create the budget. Two hundred hours or more seems rather high. At his salary (including benefits) you are paying him $13,500 just to complete a budget. Any accountants out there care to give me their opinion?

Please review the budget : http://www.westvincenttwp.org/home/images/docs/Budget_2015_proposed.pdf

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