For a time in my newsletters, I attached the Bills List that the Township was approving for payment. West Vincent caught on and started publishing the Bills List on the website, conveniently listed with the other Board of Supervisor meeting information, such as the video, agenda, etc. So I felt that there was no longer a need to duplicate what they should have been doing a long time ago.

I fell into a trap! The Administration is publishing what is called the DRAFT Bills List. While one would assume that it is the same document as the one that is presented at the meetings, it is not.

I compared the ACTUAL Bills Lists sent to me to the DRAFT Bills Lists available on the Township website. I discovered that every ACTUAL Bills List was always HIGHER than the draft figure on the Township website.
Not by a little, but by a significant amount! I don't mean $10, or $100, or $1000. In fact, the numbers are MUCH MORE than that. One variance was over $150,000.00 HIGHER in the ACTUAL Bills List than the DRAFT document from the website!

Here are the totals from the from the 5 Lists I reviewed in 2014
Date             Draft               Actual                 Difference

3/11-24        $69,816.04       $96,118.81        $26,302.77
3/25-4/14   $140,615.31     $297,523.05      $156,907.74
6/10-6/23     $26,976.03       $29,865.99         $2,889.96
6/24-7/14     $89,276.85       $94,962.73         $5,685.88
8/12-8/25     $85,371.38       $97,473.51       $12,102.13

The largest item sneaked in was a new wheel loader for $152,800, but every list had important discrepancies.

My point to this e-mail is simple. What you think you are paying for and what you are REALLY paying for are two different things, clearly a deceptive practice. The Township will use the excuse that what they have presented is a merely the DRAFT, which “could” be different from the final Bills List. The only way you can review the real documents instead of the fiction that is on the West Vincent Township website, you would have to either get the Bills List at the Township meeting, file a Right To Know form or go to the Township Building and ask to see the actual Ratified Bills List from a specific meeting. The actual Bills List is not published.

Why does the Township management publish misleading documents on the website? Is it done at the direction of the Township Manager Jim Wendelgass or is Mr. Wendelgass instructed to do so? If so, by whom?
Clearly someone in the office knows that the Actual Bills List is an alteration of what is on the West Vincent Township website. If not, somehow something is magically adding creditors to the Bills List for approval at the meeting. I have said it before and I will say it again.
Do not trust the Township to tell you the truth. Deceptive practices are the norm with the West Vincent Management. This is another glaring example.

Click here to see the the complete non-reimbursable Actual and Draft Bills Lists. I have marked all of the charges that appear on the ACTUAL Bills List but not on the DRAFT Bills List.

Check the authenticity of the draft lists now before they disappear from the website http://www.westvincenttwp.org/home/images/docs/Draft_Bills_List_032414.pdf

Best wishes


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