While looking over the history of newsletters on my website to write about DL Fleck, I realized that I had another birthday at the end of July! I am been doing this for so long that another one just slipped by me. I guess it's true that after so many birthdays, sometime you just forget one until after it has passed. I have been writing now for over FOUR full years, yet there are those in the township that have still never heard about my newsletter. Won't you share it with your neighbors today? They deserve to know what is really going on in the township. It's their tax money, too!

I thought it would be nice to re-visit that first newsletter, dated 27 July, 2010 titled “Miller Debt”. You can find it on my website, give it a read. It is a legal notice from the Daily Local News listing Roadmaster and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Ken Miller being sued by a company called Growmark FS LLC for the amount of $51,827.56 for not paying the bill. This is one of many published unpaid bills that has become public via the court system.

At first, Ken Miller denied this to anyone that would listen. He told his best of friends that it was a fabrication, a lie. When enough people found out that it was true and the lie was the one he was stating, Mr. Miller changed his story. He asserted that he is a farmer and he couldn't pay the bill until the crops came in from the seed and he sold the crops. The problem with that excuse is the bill was over a year old when this filing happened! What plant takes a year to germinate and harvest?

I decided to check in on Chairman Miller's resolution to Growmark FS LLC and when he paid the company for the products he purchased. With all the benefit dinners he has going on right now to help his cheese company expand and build a cheese manufacturing facility on his farm, you would think that he has squared away this bill.



Alas, Ken Miller has yet to pay the bill. This is the same outstanding debt that was filed against Mr Miller in July of 2010, OVER FOUR YEARS AGO!   I don't know what kind of plants he is growing but they sure are taking a long time to get harvested and sold so that he can pay his extremely delinquent bill.

As usual, I have attached the document (click here to view) from Chester County Courts, copied earlier this week, and readily available to anyone that wants to view it by going to the Chester County Courthouse and looking up the case numbers. Note that there are a few Judgments and Liens on the sheet that are labeled SAT (Satisfied). This indebtedness is not. The reason I speak to the issue of not paying bills is this. I have stated before, when someone is in control of as much money as Mr. Miller is, as Roadmaster, and in debt, as Mr. Miller is (this is not the only judgment he owes but that isn't the subject of today's e-mail), there is a chance that money  can be "manipulated". There are many big road jobs going on in the township, with one contractor getting lots of money. Pay to Play is always a concern but when the Roadmaster is not financially stable, that concern should be heightened. I have written about this before.

One last very important thing. Please send out good wishes to David Monteith, approximately a 50 year resident to West Vincent Township,  one time township emergency co-coordinator and current constable. Local "go to" guy for excavation work such as driveways, septic systems and basements. All around good guy that watches out for his friends and neighbors. I found out today that he is in the hospital again after a bad fall in his home and it looks like he is getting a pacemaker today. If you are a neighbor, perhaps you can give his wife a call and see if she needs anything.

And for those that support the current regime and still believe he is Chickenman, those who destroyed his business simply because he opposes that current regime, and insulted him on the Post Office noticeboard, don't let the facts clarify the issue.  Keep believing that he has taken copies of court documents and sent this email from his hospital bed.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Best wishes


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