Good News! Ken Miller's friend DL Fleck, operating as D&L Construction was once again the only operation to bid on the snow plowing contract. You remember DL Fleck? He gets all of the roadwork and snowplowing work in West Vincent and used to operate out of an illegal (by court order but never enforced by the township) location on St Matthews Rd until the bank repossessed the property. Why does nobody else bid, so many years in a row? Are contractors afraid to bid against Ken Miller's friend because their equipment has to pass through the township? Maybe they know that if they work on any private job in the township that there could be “problems” with the building and zoning department? Refresh your memory on DL Fleck by reading the following dates on my website:

10 October, 2010

24 June, 2011

26 June, 2011

27 June, 2011

4 September, 2011

17 September, 2011

18 September, 2011

19 September, 2011

13 March, 2012

22 March, 2012

20 November, 2012

8 July, 2013

18 August, 2013

DL Fleck. Bankrupted, Foreclosed on and no bonds required for any job they work on. West Vincent Township continuously sets the lowest standard for it's roads and snow contractor. The other Townships in the area check credit, financial history and required performance bonds, following guidelines set forth by the Commonwealth of PA Department of Transportation (PennDot). This is done to protect it's taxpayers from getting substandard work. That leads to several questions. Why does West Vincent waive those requirements? Who sets the revised standards? Why would the Roadmaster and Chairman of the Board Ken Miller not want to protect the investment the township has in this very expensive work, year after year?

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