At the Township meeting of June 23, 2014, a resident inquired about the Township legal bills pertaining to the Greiner Zoning case. You won't see this inquiry listed in the minutes, the Township censored it, deleting it from written history by not publishing any issue discussed in “Public Comment” at a township meeting. I discovered it in the township video, shown here:


This is the case in which Katharine (Kit) Trollier, member of the West Vincent Zoning Hearing Board, continues to operate Conestoga Stone, a Landscaping Supply company; in violation of the zoning laws and Zoning Hearing ruling against her.

Researching the township legal bills for this particular issue is difficult because the township removed almost every Bills List of 2013 from the website. No matter, I have attached every bill sheet from the Siana law firm for the year 2013 to a website for your review. Interestingly, not one bill appears on the Bills List from Steven V Siana's law firm pertaining to the Greiner case, which started in the Spring of 2013. Historically in West Vincent Township, Zoning Hearing Board legal fees are categorized in the Bills list in the column for Steven Siana. No bills for the Greiner case were listed in 2014 either, that is until magically, the very next meeting of July 14 after the bills discussion, 2014 the Greiner case had a bill listed. In August, Greiner was listed again in the legal bills.

One can only conclude one of two things. Either Siana's firm did all of the work “gratis” for some reason (highly doubtful) OR whomever assembles the township bills list was told to cloak the bills under some other heading so that Ken Miller's ally and pawn would not be embarrassed by the huge costs continuing to be created by Zoning Hearing Board member Kit Trolier. These continuing legal costs are borne by each and EVERY TAXPAYER OF WEST VINCENT TOWNSHIP and are NOT reimbursed by the violator. Every West Vincent Bills List with a bill from Siana Law Firm of 2013 and 2014 is right here  http://westvincenttownshiplegalbills.blogspot.com.

Kit's Conestoga Stone continues to operate AND GROW. Look at the difference between June 24, 2014 (below)

and August 21, 2014. A large pile of tree scrap for making mulch, a growing rock pile on the right side of the driveway and a huge pile of dirt now exists.

The case now grinds through the Chester County Court of Common Pleas. Documents can be seen at http://greinerzoningtroubles.blogspot.com/2014/09/conestoga-stone-greiner-court-docket.html

It appears that what she is attempting is to get a court decision that would overturn the ruling handed down by the Zoning Hearing board in 2013 and the first ruling made by a Chester County Judge against Greiner Inc. (a trucking and landscaping company, not a landscape SUPPLY company) in the 1985-1990 proceedings. She made no appeal to the zoning hearing board decision, relinquishing her rights to the decision. The flagrant abuse of the law isn't over yet by Mrs. Trolier. West Vincent Township will have to have to spend a lot more money to enforce its zoning, against one of its own zoning board members. The Greiner operation has worked the entire year of 2014 (making BIG bucks), directly against the 2013 ruling by the Zoning Hearing Board. No discussion has been made publicly of ever fining the illegal (and profitable) activities, which the township has every right to do.

Will Siana's firm truly defend the citizens and the Township zoning laws OR will West Vincent Counsel perform a weak and ineffective argument in order to allow the Judge in Chester County to reverse the decision, thereby shifting the blame to a higher authority and leaving the West Vincent Township's hands clean and blame free, protecting one of Ken Miller's friends? This would allow the noisy, retail/industrial use to continue on, unfettered, in a RESIDENTIAL neighborhood, devaluing the surrounding properties while benefiting one of their own. Think it can't happen? Time will tell.

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