A correspondent wrote:

"If memory serves me correctly, aren't this firm's legal bills over 10 times per capita the rate of any surrounding township?"

Hmm.  Thanks to my subscriber for his mail. I thought about it and set to work with Google.

From my mail of 17 October 2010 WVT budgeted expenditure was $41 per head and that of the next highest West Pikeland was $6.60 meaning that WVT was actually 6.2 times higher than the next highest surrounding township, not 10 times, so his memory was close but not exact!

However, using the actual 2010 population figures from the 2010 census, which I did not have at the time, and which would give a more accurate figure, WVT budgeted per capita expenditure was $28.47 and that of West Pikeland $5.84 so back in 2010 WVT budgeted expenditure per head was actually 4.9 times higher than the next highest surrounding township.

A quick check on 2014 budgeted figures shows that West Vincent Township is still by a long way the biggest projected spender, followed by West Pikeland then East Pikeland.

However it is probably more accurate to use figures showing the actual expenditure.  On this basis, in 2013 West Vincent spent $122,759 and West Pikeland spent $29,595. http://www.westpikeland.com/pdf_files/Budget/WPT%202014%20Draft%20Budget%20Public%20Review.pdf     With respective population figures of 4567 and 4024 respectively the expenditure per head for West Vincent was $26.88 and that of West Pikeland was $7.35.  So in terms of per capita expenditure West Vincent in 2013 was 3.7 times higher than it's highest spending neighbor, the difference being caused by a relatively minor reduction in expenditure by WVT and a relatively large increase at West Pikeland. (Compared to 2010 budgets)

Is legal expenditure of 3.7 times higher than ANY neighboring township acceptable?  That's for you to decide.

To put things further into perspective.  Upper Uwchlan spent $32,693.85 in 2013. Upper Uwchlan is almost 2 1/2 times the size of West Vincent yet spent one quarter of the amount that West Vincent did. It spent $2.91 per resident. West Vincent legal expenditures are 9.2 times per head more than Upper Uwchlan.  Why is West Vincent paying so much?

As I said in my October 2010 email, someone correct me if I am wrong please.

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