Last year, I reported about Katherine “Kit” Trolier, West Vincent Township Zoning Hearing Board Member, former West Vincent Township Supervisor candidate and West Vincent Community Day Emcee that was in violation with the Zoning Ordinances by running a LANDSCAPE SUPPLY COMPANY on an property not zoned for that use. Kit should know better, since she is one of the jury that hears cases pertaining to zoning violations. As a Zoning Hearing Board member, she must be educated in Zoning Code and what standards are set for each area of the township. At least of her own property. Since she is an avid supporter of Ken Miller and the Administration, I would bet that she thought that she could continue to operate and nothing would be done. Unfortunately, after I originally reported about her flagrant behavior, the township had no choice but to serve a cease and desist on the illegal operation. In fact, I was informed that I was mentioned in testimony by the Township during that hearing.

I wrote about this issue on 22 March, 2013.  http://tinyurl.com/westvincentinfos-130322

Mrs. Trolier (formerly Kit Greiner), CFO of Greiner, Inc. appealed the cease and desist by the West Vincent Zoning officer and had several Zoning Hearing Board sessions, with a final decision of December 12, 2013 which deemed the landscape supply business, http://conestogastone.com (an extension of their existing trucking company) illegal. Since no Appeal was filed, the decision stands and the operation could no longer operate. The 20 page decision is here
http://greinerzoningtroubles.blogspot.com. The most important part are pages 19 & 20, in which Item 2 lists the violations that the Zoning Hearing Board have upheld. The new USES AND STRUCTURES (which are all used for the new Landscape operation) are illegal.

Well, the Greiner operation (Kit says there is no Conestoga Stone so the operation is now under the umbrella of Greiner, Inc) is still running. Noise fills the valley on Route 401. Landscapers come and go, getting supplies such as mulch, topsoil and stone. Landscape trucks continue to be loaded. It's no problem to get the items as the facility is fully stocked. The bins are full. All of this would be sales of goods. Material is being replenished regularly. Materials being delivered and ground up right on site, which would be manufacturing/production/Industrial. All in violation of the West Vincent Hearing Board decision and ZONING. None of this is a “Trucking Business”, which was allowed by a Chester County Judge in the 1980's, with strict restrictions limiting the operations to trucking. In this instance, even after her final cease and desist, Kit Trolier has decided that she is right and the township is wrong, no matter what the legal decision by the Zoning Hearing Board. She seems to believe that by changing or removing a name, magically the illegal operation becomes legal.

This is a fairly strong accusations, isn't it? Yes. Forwarded to me yesterday is a video from the last Township meeting, from April 28, 2014. Katherine “Kit” Trolier bizarrely explains that she is doing nothing wrong. Here is the link: http://youtu.be/7g2du3aRoE4

Following is video showing what the operation is doing, contradicting everything Mrs. Trolier claims. Click on this link to watch the video of the illegal operation in action. Here is the link: http://youtu.be/JGDSUl38kdU

While the operation is on Rt 401, the business is tucked away on a dirt driveway behind a hill and a stand of trees. While the noise can be heard through the valley, it is impossible to see what is going on from the road. Since the business has removed the sign, it would be rather suspect if a stranger wandered in off the street and poked around. 

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