The Primary Election is coming up this Tuesday, May 20. This is an important election because it is when you, THE VOTER, get to select the candidate that you feel best matches your beliefs from your own party to run in the General Election in November. There are candidates for Governor, US Representative, State Senator and State Representative.

LOCALLY, which as you know I feel strongest about, there are the Committee people. These are the people that represent you to the Party you belong to and the Party to you. They get out the information about the candidates and work to make sure you know who is running. Additionally, they should be able to assist people where to go and who to contact in Government for issues that a voter may have.

If you are a Republican in District 1, The Township building Polls, please vote for JOHN JACOBS and MARIA JACOBS.

If you are a Republican in District 2, the Firehouse Polls, please vote for MIKE SCHNEIDER and MELISSA "MISSY" BERTOLAMI.

Both pairs have done a great job working with the Party as well as bringing forth concerns of the voters to the Party and it's elected officials.

If you are a Democrat, there are people running for re-election as Committee people but since they are all Miller hacks, I am sorry you don't have better representation.

Please remember to vote May 20 from 7 am-8 pm. You get the government you vote for! If you don't vote, you get the government your neighbor voted for!

Best wishes


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