During David Brown’s campaign, he stated in videos that he wanted the residents to come to the township meetings, see how government works, participate.  He also stated that people shouldn't believe what is being said by me, Chickenman.  Of course there is no need to flatly believe everything I say but if I say anything contentious I attach documentation so that everyone can check for themselves.

When Supervisor David Brown took office, he immediately tried to restrict public comment. Look at my website for the year 2012 and read the posts: 26 February Muzzling the people, 4 March Brown to regulate public comments, and 5 April Length of meetings. There are some great links to those YouTube videos of then Candidate Brown and the Daily Local articles.

At the January 27, 2014 Board of Supervisor meeting, the very FIRST time Mr. Brown has ever run a Township Board of Supervisor meeting, he attempted to create his own ordinance, as if by Executive Order. http://westvincenttwp.org/home/images/videos/BOS%20Video%2001-27-14.mp4

During the public comments section, David Brown's announcement was,  (Video start time approximately 3:00)“Tammy, I’m gonna ask you if you will note any questions that are asked because I’m not going to answer any questions because I don’t have the answers. So we will get back to you with answers at the next meeting or, or in writing”. 

Three residents asked questions (Ken Miller arrived during these questions) answered by Ken Miller, Steve Siana and Jim Wendelgass respectively, contrary to the newly established policy. Next, a resident asked about Auditor Annual reports, Ken Miller deferred to David Brown about this policy which is rather strange since Ken was not present when David Brown made this announcement.

Miller had been called to an emergency prior to the meeting (so he was absent at the start of the meeting) making Brown the Chair of the meeting. How did Ken know about this new policy seemingly just proposed by the acting chair of the BOS? Here is a transcript of the conversation after the question was asked starting at the video time of approximately 8:36:

Ken Miller: Uh, David, you had…..
David Brown: I said that if you have a question, we will answer it if you submit it in writing, we’ll have it for you at the next meeting.
Unknown person: Why submit it in writing?
Brown: “Because if you want a good answer, we need time to get all the information to answer.”
Unknown person: OK
Brown: I don’t carry a lot of stuff around in my head (undetermined) the Township.
Unknown: So that going forward, what your saying is from now on, if you have a question that needs an answer, it needs to be submitted in writing.
Brown: We would prefer that.
Maria Holderness: Is there a timeline for that?
Brown: Preferably, by, what do you think, Thursday before the meeting?
Ken Miller: I’d say, that would be fine.
Brown: John, what do you think?
John Jacobs: I feel a little blindsided by that, David. We, it was given to me and we haven’t had any comment so I am going to defer until we can talk about it.
Brown: I did not mean to blindside you John. This is a statement of my own personal policy. The Board did not adopt this.

So it seems that Miller and Brown had discussed this question between themselves but had not included John Jacobs in this discussion.  Is this an indication of how the BOS may operate in future, private unreported conversations about board policy between two board members, with the third excluded?

Currently if questions are asked and the answer is not immediately known and if say Jim Wendelgass doesn't know the answer, he tells the questioner that he will check and get back to them at the  next meeting. 
This system seems to work just fine and most questions are answered immediately. There is no need for a policy to demand written questions other than to make it more awkward to ask questions.

So much for David Brown and his “open government”. Remember, this is the same guy that made false claims about tax issues of his political opponents during the election.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q8zN_TNnV4 so truth is not his forte. Here is an article of interest about him. http://articles.philly.com/1991-12-15/news/25809524_1_tax-liens-solid-waste-fee-business-privilege

David Brown
continues the somewhat less than straightforward practices of the West Vincent Township administration.

And finally: News on Dave Monteith. I understand he has been moved to rehab this week, after 3 weeks in the hospital he is doing somewhat better after a severe blood infection and pneumonia. It's a bad time for WVT for Dave to not be around.  Otherwise I know he would have been active in doing his best to help people with their current problems.

Best wishes


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