1. The West Vincent website is slowly recovering from the apparent hacking.   A spot check appears to reveal all the township videos from 2011-12-13 are missing with the exception of one, December 23, 2013. All the rest for the 3 years are missing.  Rebuilding a site takes a long time, so hopefully they will be back. New for 2014, the meeting schedule format has been elevated from perplexing in 2013 to complete obfuscation in 2014. Years ago, it used to be very simple to find meeting minutes and associated information. Compare the good format of 2011 to the mystifying format of 2014. Could this be intentional?

Here is the format used for the 2011 minutes http://westvincenttwp.org/home/index.php/government/meetings-minutes/2011-township-meetings    Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the minutes for any particular meeting.

However with the current format it is difficult to find, for example, the first meeting of the year, January 6, 2014.  http://westvincenttwp.org/home/index.php/government/meetings-minutes/2014-township-meetings?limitstart=0  Have a look! The second meeting of the year (January 13, 2014) is just as difficult to find. Is there some special algorithm used to jumble this information so thoroughly?

2. I noticed something interesting stated at the Board of Supervisors meeting on January 13, 2014. http://westvincenttwp.org/home/images/videos/BOS%20Video%2001-13-14.mp4 From 5:50-6:10 Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Ken Miller said hastily, “There's no action on the active subdivision list, there's no Roadmaster's report this meeting because Tammy had a problem with her computer and lost the, uh, data she says she can get back so, uh, there'll be a report next meeting. If anybody has any questions, contact the (indeterminable) department by e-mail and they'll answer them”.

I am in no way a computer or internet expert but there is a good chance of a link between the township computer and the website, meaning that the township information could have been hacked in addition to the website. Township Manager Mr. Wendelgass has spoken at previous meetings about the server at the township building, indicating that all the computers in the township are connected to a central server system, not separate hard drives. If that is the case and the hacker got into the server, West Vincent has would be in a similar situation to the Target and Neiman Marcus customers. If any residents private (such as social security or bank info) or credit card information is on file (such as paying for a sewer or water bill), that could fall into the hackers hands. I find it strangely coincidental that data was lost at the same time the website was hacked.

3. I have been informed that David Monteith is in hospital on a ventilator system after falling ill last week. He has been a West Vincent resident for around 50 years. He has many times gone out of his way to help neighbors and strangers alike. He was the former Emergency management coordinator, back before it was a $17,000 a year job (I'd show it to you but the budget page is missing from the website). Before there was a road crew, he did quite a bit of road maintenance in West Vincent.

However In the past 4 years he has frequently been wrongly accused of being Chickenman by some of the locals who are supporters of the current regime. (
I'll confirm that David Monteith is not and never has been me.) He has been berated by these people. Amongst many examples they have posted false accusations on the post office bulletin board (against federal law).  Residents have been quietly told not to give him work or, for example, the zoning officer will disrupt the job. They have been told his work is of a low standard and that he should not be employed. They have used every means possible to destroy his business. It demonstrates how these supporters can use 'strong arm tactics'  to attempt to suppress any opposition to the current regime.  And all just because they think he has been writing to expose some dubious goings-on in West Vincent Township.  Does anyone wonder why I prefer to remain anonymous?

These haters have been largely successful in their denigration of David.  His company has slowed to a crawl and yet he has continued to help those that have set out to destroy him.

Please say your prayers for him.

Best wishes


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