With 2013 almost behind us, one more lawsuit has been filed against West Vincent Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Kenneth Miller (attached). This time for not paying a credit card. Some things and some people will never change. Always be concerned about a person in a position of power that cannot pay their own bills.

As I close out the year, here are some questions to ponder.

Will the West Vincent Township law firm of Siana, Bellwoar and McAndrew represent Ken Miller as they have in the past for his debts? I have written about this.

Who pays those legal bills?

It never ceases to amaze me how much support a person like Ken Miller gets from the people of West Vincent, and even beyond the Township borders. Is it support or is it fear?

Is the support driven by a hope by people that have loaned him money that Miller will pay them back?

Is it from people that Miller has done a wink and a nod for over the course of his tenure that feel they owe him?

Could some constituents feel that Miller is protecting them from things that they may have done without permits or what may not have been legal, such as filling in wetlands?

Maybe they fear retribution from Ken Miller if they should not support him?

That could include a visit from the zoning officer? Too many dogs, a deck installed without a permit, or an extra shed could be an issue? A potential Supervisor candidate was pulled over for a bogus violation, actually six violations, which were ALL thrown out of court months later. I found this link still is available:  http://vote4rich.com/false_accusations.html.  Please read that link and think about it. 

If you are known to oppose Ken Miller, you have reason to be scared.  One supervisor did oppose Ken Miller, had the book thrown at him and it was eventually 'proven' that he did not actually 'live' in West Vincent even though he slept every night at his house in West Vincent.  He was subsequently banned as supervisor.

It is rather sad.  If you support honesty in West Vincent then it might be wiser if you only admit this to your closer friends.

As we head into 2014, I ask that you make a New Year's resolution to pay more attention to your local government. Don't just depend upon me. Watch the Township videos of the meetings. Listen to what is being said. Be concerned for WHERE and HOW your money is being spent. Vigilance in watching your government will pay off in the long run. 

And remember that even in West Vincent, your actual vote is secret.

Best wishes for the New Year.


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